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To Everything There is a Season…

After 14 years of co-ordination, one season is drawing to a close and another season is beginning.  For the next 6 to 9 months though Amani UK will have not one but two International Co-ordinators.  As Peter Fish looks forward to semi-retirement from his business, so he also will pick up the reins of the Buy a Gift for Kenya scheme as the first stage towards assuming full responsibility as International Co-ordinator of Amani UK.  In the meantime Jim Leftwich will continue overseeing the overall financial coordination while bringing a new Treasurer into the Amani UK team.

Peter Fish (left) and Jim Leftwich (right)

The aim now is to complete this transition by around the time of the Spring 2016 edition of the Amani UK Newsletter.  At the same time we are doing a strategic review of the mission of both Amani UK and how that fits with the Kenyan NGO we sponsor, Upendo Foundation.  Looking ahead we are also seeing opportunities to bring potential new Trustees into greater involvement with the projects.  We have been blessed over the past 10 years with a really strong and experienced Board of Trustees and it is imperative that we use this strong foundation to ensure a continuous process of renewal of mission and personnel.

It is Jim’s intention to continue as a trustee for the foreseeable future, focusing particularly on funding and resources.

Jim Leftwich
Outgoing International Co-ordinator

Peter Fish
Incoming International Co-ordinator

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