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Keep it Simple!

That's the main lesson I learnt over my third trip to Kenya. I love travelling because you barely need anything with you, just the essentials. Friendships, family and community seem to be well prioritised in Kenya - people basically!  Going out as a team, I realised all we really needed for entertainment was each other, whether making jokes during breakfast, playing football at a school, showering in the cold tropical rain, teaching kids a song, or laughing with the project team, all of us squished into a matatu (minivan).  Pretty simple.

Keep it simple!

Visiting the homes of widows and orphans is always tough because we can feel helpless and unvaluable to them, compared to if we had brought food or medical aid.  However, you also quickly realise that just being there and sharing a bible verse or a song can be an amazing gift to them which they really cherish.

I think Kenyan people value simplicity. We know our schedules and possessions can clutter our lives and our faith is cluttered just as easily. Their faith is uncomplicated. If they want to worship Jesus, they don't organise instruments, a song list, lyric sheets etc. They'll just start singing together on the spot. It is often amazing to see how their trust in God and partnerships with each other has developed their communities so much.

Joshua Tabti
Young Leader
Hazlemere July 2015 Team

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