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Kirongo Poultry Project

The poultry project was initiated in April 2015, funded by the Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust.  After enlarging and improving the existing chicken house structure in the Kirongo compound, 500 one-day old chicks were purchased.  From the same fund we were also able to provide feeding equipment and drugs for the various vaccinations and treatment.

The birds have been well managed through to maturity by experienced staff and, at the time of writing, they are almost ready to lay eggs. The birds will normally start laying at the end of five months, so by the end of September 2015, we believe that through the proper feeding and care the chickens will start laying.

Bernard Auma with some of the hens

The project is principally an income generating activity, but in addition is serving the community in the region by allowing them to visit and learn good practices of poultry rearing.  To date, four organizations and several community groups have come to learn and to call on Kirongo for training of their members.

The target is for sales of something like 460 eggs/day for a period of 12 months, after which the birds will be sold for food and the money used to purchase a new set of 500 one-day old chicks.  This will then make the project self-sustaining, while the income from the eggs will give Kirongo the opportunity to invest in other community projects, including the potential expansion of the poultry project.  The community’s health will also be improved through better nutrition from the more accessible eggs at lower prices than from other sources.

  the hens are laying!
Breaking news:  the chickens are laying!

Thank you to the Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust and Amani UK for making this possible.

Bernard Auma
Kirongo Manager

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