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The basic building block for all the groups and centres is similar: a target membership of about 15 ‘family’ units, be they widows, poor farmers or youths.
Konyuca Women's Group June 2008
Konyuca Women's Group
Given the typical family size, this means in total between 50 and 75 people are covered in each such group and the more mature groups may well have sub-groups of youths or women, etc. The successful nurturing of each group is made possible by the development of co-operation and community spirit, which is why sound foundations of working together in the early stages is viewed as far more important than the gaining of resources.
Cheerful Group
Cheerful Group
From the early beginnings of being given seeds, tools, and guidance progress is made through to gaining ploughing bulls and a plough which leads to higher crop yields and the opportunity to re-invest in goats or cows for breeding and for milk. Coupled with this is the training and guidance in agricultural skills and the development of adequate water supplies which give the opportunity to get the best prices at times of drought. To this end the provision of water foot-pumps and / or donkey and cart for water and other transport requirements are part of group development, as well as the digging of wells.
Widows hand digging
Widows hand digging
In addition to the fundamental food-based agricultural programmes, there are also various other income generating activities such as tree nurseries, honey production, traditional crafts, carpentry, and others.

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