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Early Child Development Schools

The Kirongo Project has a well-established and academically successful ECD/ starter school for local children and orphans. It grew in size from an average of 50 children in 2002 to 140 in 2006 and has stabilised since at between 140/150 in 3 classrooms, with plans for a fourth. The school prepares children up to primary levels 1 and 2.


Paul Kendall with children from Rosemarie Nursery School


This type of school was in very short supply in many areas and so a number of the widows groups have created schools of their own, initially using group buildings or local church halls, with the full support of their local communities.


Mang'ang'a Nursery School


From three such schools in 2002 there are now ten in 2015, teaching more than 500 children on a daily basis, each run by local management committees in partnership with the appropriate project.


Jaribu Upendo Nursery School children


Teaching is carried out by the more learned young women, sometimes backed by older students undertaking practical on-the-job training. Formal training is being offered progressively to bring teaching expertise up to state recognition standards. The running of ECD schools is very good for building a real sense of team, community and interdependence as people share their collective burdens between food production, craft production for income and the education of their children.

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