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Home Based Care (HBC) is an integral part of the Amani UK support for the community, reaching out as it does to those most in need and least able to help themselves. The work is undertaken in partnership between the projects and the system of Community Health Workers (CHWs) making the most effective use of the drug support programme of Amani UK and partner donors.
Home Based Care
HBC functions on a needs basis. Transport is a key issue and it is better therefore to have a trained local person reaching out to where the patients are. An allowance towards drugs is also an essential element but controlled through the Project staff.
Home Based Care nurse
In addition to each group having a member trained in HBC, there is also a strong desire for Project staff members to receive HBC training in order to give informed support to their groups. Likewise, the youth groups also like to participate in the programme, not only to prepare for potential sickness within their own groups, but with their greater mobility they feel able to provide support to other groups.
Christabel on new crutches
The close involvement of staff members enables the natural integration of HBC within the Primary Health Care philosophy of addressing the issues of water supply and management, hygiene, pollution and the causes and prevention of diseases.

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