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Leave a Legacy

A gift in your Will can help save and transform lives in the future. You can bring about change for people living in poverty, support critical community projects, and sustain the work of Amani UK into the future. Thank you for considering leaving a legacy to Amani UK.

There are three different ways in which you can leave a legacy to Amani UK:

  1. A Pecuniary bequest leaves a fixed sum of money to Amani UK. Remember that inflation will erode the value of such a bequest over time.
  2. A Specific bequest leaves a specific item or asset to Amani UK. This might be a valuable physical item or a specific financial asset.
  3. A Residuary bequest leaves either a proportion of or all of the residue of your estate (after debts, liabilities and taxes have been paid) to Amani UK.

Leaving such as bequest to a registered charity such as Amani UK also has tax advantages for your estate. The amount of any bequest to a registered charity is deducted from the value of your estate before Inheritance Tax is calculated. Your bequest may therefore mean that your estate is no longer liable to pay Inheritance Tax or that the amount to be paid is greatly reduced. In either case less Inheritance Tax is paid.

If you do decide to leave a bequest to Amani UK in your Will then it is important to identify the charity clearly. Please use this form of words:

Amani UK of 95 Primrose Hill, Widmer End, High Wycombe, HP15 6NT, United Kingdom is registered charity in England and Wales No. 1073357.

The simplest way to change an existing Will to leave a legacy to Amani UK is to write and have witnessed a codicil. Suitable wording is included here to illustrate the straightforward nature of a codicil. You may wish to consult a legal adviser or solicitor before writing a codicil.

I (enter full name) of (full address) declare this to be a (first/second/third) Codicil to my Will dated (insert date of your Will).
In addition to any legacies given in my said Will I give to Amani UK of 95 Primrose Hill, Widmer End, High Wycombe, HP15 6NT, United Kingdom (Registered charity in England and Wales 1073357) a share of (insert figure)% of my estate or the sum of £(insert figure) and/or (insert clearly identified specific item) to be used for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer shall be a full and sufficient discharge.
In all other respects I confirm my said Will and all other Codicils thereto.

Thank you for remembering Amani UK in your Will.