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As well as performing many of the functions of the basic family groups, the youth groups are also actively involved in significant HIV/AIDS awareness programmes in secondary schools and in marketplaces. Though drama and dramatic poetry they bring home the dangers of current lifestyle choices, cultural problems, and the need for change. While emphasising that the only totally reliable way for young people to avoid infection is abstinence, they also plead for faithfulness between partners but ultimately the practicing of safe sex through the use of condoms.

Jaribu Youth Group


The impact of their message in many cases is made all the stronger by the announcement by many of them that they are HIV positive and by the simple but true fact that it is not the old who are dying but the young.

Breeding bull being presented

The ready participation of youths in all these activities is proving an excellent training ground for their eventual use as part of the staff of the three Projects in developing other groups and in assisting the widows and poor farmers groups. For many of the youths, of course, they are also the leaders of and providers for their younger siblings.

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