History of AmaniUK

The origins of Amani UK go back to 1986, when a centralised training project was established by Elizabeth Feilden to bring relief to the poor of rural Kenya. Through the late 1990s awareness of HIV/AIDS grew and the devastating impact on families and communities became a reality. By the year 2000, widows and orphans were forming into community groups to better cope with the consequences. Amani UK recognised the importance of becoming part of this changing environment and re-shaped the central project focus into one of guiding and directing the community groups into membership of projects through which Amani UK was able to channel resources and expertise. Amani UK funds the Upendo Foundation, a Kenyan NGO which equips the community groups and employs Kenyan staff to work with the groups.

Amani UK is a UK registered charity operating on a totally voluntary basis. With the Trustees meeting ALL expenses and serving the charity on a voluntary basis, overheads are nil and 100% of money donated is transferred to Kenya to fund the wide range of support we have been providing for over 30 years.